3 year old activism

I gave blood last night.

I don't say that to give props to myself. But it makes me wonder if I'm doing enough to be a good role model as mom2amara. I give blood regularly. It's like clockwork for me. I am involved with the Girl Scouts. I'm again helping out with the local Race for the Cure. I try to help out as much as I can at our church. And when there's a volunteer opportunity, I try to give as much of my time as I can.

But am I truly showing my 3 year old daughter what it means to be an activist? To be generous of time, money and talent?

She's an only child, so let's be honest. My child is f-ing spoiled. So what can I do as mom2amara to ensure she'll grow up to be aware of the world? I can't beat being a do-gooder into her. What if she becomes tainted by the world's evil? How can I make sure her heart stays as pure as it is now?


  1. Not being a parent myself, I can only offer my experience growing up. Much of what you become is an extension of your parents. Thankfully, I have two good ones. My mother taught me to trust everyone I met, my father taught me to keep them at arm's length and learn to trust them over time. Church helps too. I'm glad I went to church every Sunday morning, night and Wednesday evening. It taught me a lot it could have been a little too much. There's no great 100% book about parenting. You and your hubby are good people, I, for one, aren't worried about how Amara will turn out.


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