motherhood & the stuff that goes with it

My inaugural post. Wow. It only took me a gazillion years to enter the 21st century and into the world of blogging. But I hope you'll entertain me in my attempt to be hip and cool. That's always my hope in being mom2Amara.

I swear, there's some secret motherhood club that I have yet to be a member of. Now don't get me wrong -- I'm not like that crazy Brit who said her kids bore her. My daughter is anything but boring. As cliche as it sounds, I find being a mom to be rewarding. Albeit, there are times I want to strangle my husband (because I would NEVER consider hurting my child...just the man who helped bring her into this world) but my love for little mini-me never changes. Sure, I'm the least maternal person you'll find around, but hey, I adore my daughter.

But hell, it's like there's some sign that says "no fun Asians allowed" or "moms2Amara banned." WTF? How is it I find normal moms online, who sympathize with life as we moms know it? But then I get out in the real world to find psychotic moms ready to pounce on the next chance they have to have their JonBenet look alikes beat out the competition?!?!

Where are the moms who get angry at the bullshit we put up with and actually yell? The moms who don't mind lying once in awhile, telling their kids it's 8:30 at night when it's really an hour earlier, just to get them in bed so she can have a beer in peace? Or how about the moms who tell the truth -- you know, the moms who say "honey, it's ok not to like the kid next door, I don't like his mom anyways!" Where are these moms?


  1. Hey, hey there! Welcome to the blogosphere. We have a lot to talk about. You'll have to call me soon on your way home or on your day off. We need to have lunch. BTW, you're a great mom but your blog entry is very entertaining!


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