she was right!

Today's "mommy and Amara day." So my daughter thinks it's great to get out of bed before the sun comes out and wake her mommy up. I had Amara crawl into bed with me, and she started just talking her usual 3 year old banter. But today was different.

Out of my groggy state, I felt Amara take my right hand into hers and say "This is my right hand. And this is your right. And we're gonna shake." She then did the same with the left.

That immediately woke me up. I asked her to repeat what she just said. And she did!

Wow! If there was any doubt that the $2K we're spending on two mornings of preschool is doing any good -- this was proof positive that it does work! Well that and the fact that she doesn't scream bloody murder every time a child looks at her toy wrong in the cry room of our church.