sucking the hump day blues away

I had the worse freaking migraine all day. I started to think about all I had to do at work today, my Girl Scout meeting tonight and the room started to spin out of control.

I finally get home to be what I love most, mom2amara, but that lasts a whole 30 minutes because by that point, it's bedtime for my beloved.

Bleck, what a crappy day. So what do I do to make it all better?


Pathetic, I know, but hey, there's not much that can make one happier than sucking up all the dirt and hair and other crap left in your carpet. Being mom2amara and having two dogs and one fixer-upper husband means lots of stuff goes on in the house. And Heaven knows I am not the outdoorsy type. So everything happens in the comforts of the air conditioned house. Lots of activity means lots dirt.

And the germophobe I am found comfort in my trusty Dyson. There's something very therapeutic seeing the Dyson canister filled with the unimaginable...