babies popping up everywhere

Yesterday morning, my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Ethan is as perfect as a little Asian boy can be.

And last month, a friend of mine from high school brought little Ethan into the world. And a colleague just came back from maternity leave after having her daughter, Sydney.

Pregnancies and babies always make me nostalgic. Yeah, I've only been mom2amara for 3 years but I feel like each stage was eons ago.

But aside from looking back fondly on the last three years, I get a tad bit sad because I know I won't relive any of the sleepless nights, newborn baby smells, or staring at tiny booties. My dear hubby has made it clear that Amara is enough blessings for our itty bitty family. So I must live vicariously through the other women around me.

So Ethan, Evan, and will become my projects. I will pester your moms with advice they don't ask for, share with them tidbits on toddler fashion, and hope they in turn tell me details about every stage you're in.


  1. You can live vicariously through me... but I think you guys can have another one and still be considered an itty bitty family!


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