circus freaks

OK I make no secret about how I feel about circuses. And zoos. And county fairs.

Nothing between me and animals. Makes me think of 'Animal Farm.'

But when Amara saw that the circus was coming into town, she wanted to go. Far be it from me to say no.

But have you been to a Ringling production lately? Apparently the circus wants to be hip.

We had the "Circus of Dreams" stop in our city. They wanted to get away from the "three ring circus" chaotic image and went to just one stage...with a big screen monitor on top. And now there's a story line to bore you. Yawn.

They then showcased this hybrid zebra-donkey animal. And the "Strongest Man in the World" flaunted his muscle. To top it all off, straight out of Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks segment, Madame Shamsheeva showed us that domesticated cats and dogs can do tricks.

What ever happened to the elephants and lions and the circus just being about the spectacular lions?
If I wanted to see a carnival sideshow, we would have saved our money. Shame on Ringling.