crazy moms

I was watching a marathon of one of my all time favorite shows last night and let me tell you, I was getting pissed!

I don't miss Project Runway for anything. I watch it religiously and it's really the only thing I sit down long enough to see in its entirity. Tonight is the season finale so during the marathon, Bravo allowed viewers to email their thoughts. And one of them just set me off.

A woman wrote in and said something like:

Laura is such an inspiration to mature viewers. She's a role model.
Are you FREAKING kidding me?!

The woman left five kids at home to join the show. Now, I am all about a woman chasing after her dreams. But when that dream requires her to leave 5 kids, all of whom are too young to have a drivers license (and I think they're all much younger than that!), then that dream is best left behind.

She's a crazy bitch for thinking it's acceptable to abandon your children. Laura brought those boys into the world and should take responsibility for them. I have dreams. I want to have my own business. But if it meant stopping being mom2amara for just a moment, then it's absolutely out of the question. What's it with these women who don't see the magnitude of being a mom? How it affects their children?

I work full time and I go home exhausted. But I still have tons of time for my daughter. I have a long weekend, and yes there is housework to do, but I still take Amara to the park or play with her in the backyard. Maybe that means putting aside my business plan one more day. Or maybe it means that I won't get to start a business at all. But you know what? It means that my priorities are straight, and my daughter will one day thank me for it.