I was talking to a friend today about Halloween costumes for our kids. He mentioned his son wanted to be a ghost...again. (He was a ghost last year too) Amara wanted to be Cinderella for the second year in a row but I ka-bashed that idea so she chose Ariel.

But talk of ghosts reminded me of the next CHBM Carnival (and yes CHBM moms, I want to participate more, but unless I'm clued in somehow, some way, I need random conversations like this one to remind me to blog something up) -- scary, spooky stories. So here's one for you --

One day last fall, Amara started waking up in the middle of the night because she said there was a ghost in her room. I kinda dismissed it as just weird nightmares caused by too many Cheetos before bedtime.

But when this became a recurring thing, night after night I started freaking out. I can barely sit still watching 'haunted' shows on TV. It's creepy. And any talk of the supernatural gives me goosebumps. So when Amara's sightings began, I started to think about all the talk about how children and animals have this 6th sense for things like this.

The ghost sightings continued..and not just at 3 a.m. Amara started telling me and her daddy that she saw a ghost in different rooms of our house. I would kid that she was like that boy on the movie "The Sixth Sense" seeing dead people. But the more I joked, the more frightened I got!

Until one night when Amara woke up from a deep sleep. She was crying hysterically and screaming that she saw a ghost. Her dad tried to console her. And that's when she said, "The ghost is there." My skin started to crawl. "Right where Amara?" her dad asked. I was too scared to whisper a word. Amara began pointing behind her wicker rocking chair. I saw nothing but shadows in that dark room. My heart began racing and I about screamed when her dad asked his next question: "What's the ghost look like honey?"

Are you kidding me? Who asks that?

So Amara took a deep breath and said....


Dammit, we let her watch too much TV.


  1. OMG, how cute! But I know you weren't thinking that at the time!

  2. My son has just started sleep walking...he will come into my room in the middle of the night and tell me he is scared...then start talking about stuff that had no soccer goals was the last conversation we had the last night he woke up. Funny things like that happen...visiting from CHBM Carnival...


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