hot mama?

It's been a busy few days. And when I get stressed, I eat. And when I eat, I tip the scales in a not so nice fashion.

After our summer trip to the Jersey Shore, I forgot what healthy eating and running 3 miles a day were like. So I have gained 10 ugly pounds in the last 3 months. Yikes. So yesterday I resolved to do something about it.

But when I'm stressed, I also over analyze. Like would I be happier if I were thinner? Saturday I met up with an aquaintance who has 5 month old triplets. Triplets. And I swear she was the same size as me! I've been mom2amara for 3 years!

OK, I admit, I didn't know what a MILF was until last year. But dammit, I wanted to be one once I knew! Then I read an article about some reality show searching for the best looking mom in America. Sure, I wouldn't win. But I'd like to be somewhere in the running!

So needless to say, reading about the reality show kinda put more of a damper on my stressed out week. But then again, maybe that's hidden motivation. Guess that donut on my desk this morning should go away...