life's little surprises

For the most part, today's been awful. Nothing in particular but if you ask, I'd say it was everything and anything possible.

We're all busy. I don't deny it.

But there are days when I think I need to cut back on something so I can spend more time as mom2amara. And since Amara is not old enough to be in Girl Scouts yet, I've contemplated handing the troop off to someone else and never looking back.

But in the midst of my bad day, I got the most pleasant surprise.

A mom sent me an email that ended with this:

Thanks mom2amara! You are doing a wonderful job with all of these girls and I really appreciate that you decided to lead their troop!

Thank heaven for life's little surprises.


  1. PseudoUncle2Amara JeremyOctober 3, 2006 at 7:46 PM

    Do you think my mere presence would make an entire Girl Scout troop cry and pout or is that just the effect I have on your little one?

    Love the blog babe. Lunch soon.


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