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I guess jobs aren't really meant to be loved because if they were, I wouldn't have decided at 5 a.m. not to go in today. Yeah, you try to find a job that fulfills you and makes you happy but there's always bound to be some idiot that tries to break you. That's why employees need days like today: a mental-health-day-that-just-happens-to-coincide-with-big-sales-at-the-mall-day.

So taking the day off from work made me think of the CHBM Carnival prompt #2.

"What was your first job?"

My first job was working at a local amusement park. Funny, as I take a day off from my current position to go shopping, writing this I'm reminded that my initial take on the real world was in retail. Hmmm.

So maybe I can blame my enthusiasm and sheer joy for the sport of shopping on a tiny park in Ohio.

But then again, I can't say that allowing a 16-year-old to buy lottery tickets has made me a gambling mom2amara now.

And I can't say that by allowing a minor to work 72 hours a week, week after week, has made me a workaholic. Exhibit A: I called in sick today. But to my credit, I do put in way more hours at the station than I should. But I attribute that to my anal retentive-ness.

I can say that selling overpriced knicknacks (like neon light up necklaces and stuffed animals that fell apart once you stepped foot outside the park) to whiny, bratty kids and their even more obnoxious parents has taught mom2amara to be patient. Now, I may still talk about you behind your back, but dammit, I can serve anyone with a smile. And that's a life lesson learned at minimum wage.

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  1. Heh, I still find it hard to give service with a smile sometimes, even though I am past minimum wage....

    Here via the CHBM carnival!

  2. ah yes...service with a smile. hmm. not so much.

    here via the chbm carnival!


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