party moms

I have always said that being mom2amara, I hope I am my daughter's best friend. But would I want to party with her?

I saw this story about a mom and grown daughter who party together.

In college, I remember my friends' moms coming to visit and going to Hamilton's the neighborhood bar with us. Back then, I thought it was cool -- mainly because my own mom has never had a sip of alcohol in her life (and that includes church wine) and because my friends' moms would pick up the tab.

I consider myself young at heart. I still like to go out and drink and dance. I like getting all dolled up with my hoochie tops and high heels. But would I necessarily want my daughter - at ANY age - to see that?

The more I thought about it, the more disturbed I was about the mom in the news story. She and her daughter would be asked out by the same men. Flattering? Sure. But appropriate? Doubtful.

So maybe I'll stick with going to boring family gatherings or to Amara's friends birthday parties -- but sorry dear daughter, I think I'll pass on going clubbing with you.