Friday, October 27, 2006

What's wrong with Snow White?

Last year, I wanted her to be Snow White. She was Cinderella.

This year, I wanted her to be Snow White. You see the results.

Now, I have nothing against Ariel. Or mermaids. Or other imaginary creatures. But we're Asians. That would mean that we have dark hair. So why can't Amara choose a princess like Snow White, Jasmine, or Belle? Has mom2amara really brought her into a world where at 3 she already feels she must be something she's not? Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

  1. Let Amara be! She can be whomever she wants. I, myself, am tired of being Yoko for Halloween! This year I opted for "Tina" while James had a hoot being "Ike"!


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