Why do I have to be the anti-stat?

The U.S. Census Bureau says there are about 80.5 millions moms in the United States.

And according to the last census, 51% of women gave birth to their first child and returned to work within four months.

Me? I went back to work 7 weeks after becoming mom2amara. I love my work (although with the last few weeks I've had, you'd never know it). But I love being mom2amara more.

So where are the other 51% of working moms?

Everywhere I look, I see SAHMs. I'm evious. I want to be one. I feel like I am the only 1 in 80.5 million that works and never spends enough time with my child. Like this week, I overheard two moms at Amara's preschool talking -- one was going out of town on vacation and she was complaining that she didn't want to go. The second mom said, "Consider it a break, just to get you out of the house." Get you out of the house?! Hell, it's called GET A JOB! Get a hobby! Join more playgroups! Anything!

People say I'd be bored if I was a SAHM. I would never be bored spending lots of time as mom2amara.

But why does there have to be so many SAHMs around me and why do they all have to be so fucking annoying?