Amara is no longer an excuse

You know you have them.

There are just some people we wish we weren't friends with.

For instance, dear hubby and I are stuck with this guy and his wife. We'll call them "the Smith's." Well, the Smith's get on our every last nerve. They compare our kids. They try to one up. And they only call when it's good for them. Even Amara gets annoyed with their kid.

But every now and then, they ask to see us -- birthday parties, just lunch, and yes, even holiday get togethers. Before, we would have said "Oh, Amara has a cold, and we don't want to expose her to other kids." Or maybe we'd lie and say, "Amara has a dance recital." But whatever we said, it was meant for us to get out of going out.

But today at work, I got an email about the holiday party excuse generator. And yes, I work at a place where playing on this is considered work related. Look at what it suggested:
Dear you know who,

I am frankly tickled pink that I will be unable to attend your 'wake me when it's over' holiday house party. I will be on vacation in Budapest, and thus spared having to ingest your revolting Mincemeat pie (and what the hell is mincemeat anyway?). Once the holidays are past, I hope to spend some quality time with you. Please give my stifled yawns to your party guests, and tell them I know they will have something to look forward to -- leaving. My best wishes for a jovial and undramatic holiday.

Hugs and kisses,

You gotta love it.