drinks anyone?

I just read an amazing article and am not sure whether I applaud the women or if I turn my nose up at them out of pure disbelief.

The article talks about martini play dates. Basically it's a moms' night out...with the kids in tow. Have that bloody mary - the kids can mind themselves!

Now, I'm not some holy roller that will tell you that drinking is forbidden. But I think I'm a little tense thinking about me and my best mommy gal pals hanging out, drinking, and gossiping. Maybe it's because I know how time can fly when you're involved in a great conversation with friends. And maybe it's because I know that when I'm sipping on my Mandarin and Seven, I tend to *forget* I have a three year old. Or maybe it's because my judgement can fail and watching Amara trying to blow out a candle may seem "cute" instead of "dangerous."

Now, ask my dear hubby about the bottle of wine and six pack of beer I polished off after the General Election. But the difference between me and the moms with their martini playdates? I celebrated my Friday knowing full well I had a DD (designated daddy, not driver) on hand. Seems a whole lot smarter. And some moms wonder why we get a bad rap.