you give me fever
when you kiss me
fever when you hold me tight
fever in the morning
fever all through the night
-Peggy Lee

Amara's sick...again. When will all the germs stop targetting my child?

After a long day, I get home and go upstairs to say goodnight to my daughter. It's the least mom2amara can do after spending countless number of hours at work. She immediately crawls into my arms and I can feel she's burning up. I call down to my dear hubby and being the naive daddy that he is, he says "She's been fine all evening," and once he's in the bedroom, he puts his hand on her forehead and says, "well maybe a little warm." Warm?! Well that had to of jinxed us because within minutes, Amara was throwing up everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Once we got the vomit out of our clothes, her hair, the mattress, etc, I took her temperature. She was just under 103 degrees. The poor thing kept waking up in the middle of the night. But through it all, she kept her cute disposition. I actually think she was less whiny than on a typical Amara day. All she wanted to do was cuddle into my arms.

Of course I would have felt tremendously guilty had I gone to work leaving a toddler with a now 102 degree temperature. So I'm home. And as she sits contently watching TV, maybe I'll get some housework done for Thanksgiving.


  1. Sorry Amara is sick... Maya is exactly the same way when she is sick... it's actually a nice snuggly time, until I get the fever and cold that she passes on. Hope she feels better!

  2. OMG! Why didn't you guys tell me about all this barfing before?!? Is there an age when they stop barfing?


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