Filipino anthem

OK call me late to the game.

I knew that Black Eyed Peas had a member that was Filipino. And I knew they perform a song on their latest album that's in Tagalog. But it wasn't until an LA Times story that I realized that the song, 'Bebot', was a Filipino-American anthem of sorts.

So always willing to join the Asian bandwagon, I was game and watched the music video or should I say both music videos.

If there was ever a time that Filipino pride would run high, it would be after watching these videos. It made being Pinoy tres cool, very hip, and if I weren't Flip, I'd want to be one too!


  1. On a cool note, when he performed that song at the Honolulu concert, the crowd went CRAAAZY!

  2. I had no idea there was a flip in black eyed peas!


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