So the CHBM Carnival this week is "Generations."

Now, when I first see this, as sad as it may sound, I think Generations the soap opera that NBC carried for a few years. Kristoff St. John was on it, and I remember thinking how hot he was back then. I had been watching soap operas since I was in my mother's womb so it comes as no surprise to me that that was my first reaction.

In all seriousness, after becoming mom2amara, I have dreamed about the day when the women in my family would want to do a generational portrait. See, my family is really not a touchy-feely, show your emotions type family so I know I would be the butt of a lot of jokes if I even suggested it.

But first there is my grandmother. She is the true matriarch of the family. You don't piss grandma off. But at the same time, you know you can always go to her. She has endured a lot in her lifetime -- from growing up in the Philippines to having to move to a new country as an adult -- and yet through it all, she has remained strong. That's one of the reasons why Amara's middle name is grandmother's first name.

Then there is my Mom and my Aunt. They are complete opposites, just as sisters should be. They both have traits that have made me the woman I am today. My mother was a nurse -- her loving, generous nature carried from home to work. My aunt is an investment broker -- proving you can be responsible with your money, while being a fashion plate.

Then there's me and my sister.

And now we have Amara.

My mom's illness may have changed the dynamics of our family but it's also brought us closer together. You will never find six women so different...yet so the same. And I want to be able to preserve this part of our family's history before it's too late.

So if any of you ladies are reading this right now...think about it and let me know.


  1. haha, see we are sisters! i immediately thought "is generations back on the air??"

    and we should do the portrait but try to wait until i'm at least in the same time zone as you! no fair doing it while i'm not there.

  2. Well, I am a scrapbooker. So to me, that is the solution to many of life's problems.
    When my mom died of cancer, just over 4 years ago, I couldn't think of scrapbooking anything. It took me probably a year before I could do it.
    But when I did, I was so grateful for the hundreds of photos that the family had taken of our time together prior to her death.
    Make sure you get pictures. Pictures of her alone, with you, with your daughter, with all of you. Take your "generation" picture.
    Then either scrapbook it or put it in a photo album and record your feelings about it, when you are able to. It will be a treasure to you, and to your family.

  3. That's sooo funny! I remember staying one summer at your house and all you would do is watch soaps while me and Leslie fought over the Barbie Dolls!

  4. We are a total drama family... but you can't say we don't love or have a great time when we get together!

  5. i think a generational portrait isa lovely idea! I want to do the same thing, since I am down to one grandparent, my mom's mother.

    Definitely do it!


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