home alone

I'm the Lonely Doll this week.

OK so it's not quite that bad.

But my dear hubby went out of town on a business trip and won't be home for a few days. Yuck.

On one hand, I'm excited -- I get to Dyson tonight, and we all know how therapeutic that is for me. And I already have a load of laundry in the wash. Funny how having my dear hubby in another state allows me to be mom2amara AND the germ-a-phobe neat freak that I am. I don't have to worry about making dinner for him or simply just sitting with him after we'be both worked a long day at work. I can just be me and get the house exactly how I want it.

Now on the other hand, this is his first extended business trip in a long time. The last time he went out of town for this long, Amara was still a baby. I'm worried that come tomorrow, Amara will ask where Daddy is. After all, she is a creature of habit, just like her mom. Plus, this is crunch time for me at work. And a lot of times nowadays, I'm not a very good mom2amara because I am so stressed out. And my dear hubby knows just how to ground me, keep me focused on what's important. So it's like missing an integral part of my day, not having him here.

But I know, like the Lonely Doll, my friend will be around soon. And I'll again be cursing my dear hubby for not emptying the dishwasher.