I'm a big kid now

I think back to all the cars I've driven. I had the hand me down Toyota Camry (which btw, I loved. That car last us a good 10 years). I had a Honda Civic, a Ford Explorer and a Ford Focus. All of them were great cars in their own right (but the Focus was less of a great car than the others but that's a whole other story).

But my favorite car of all time is the car I'm in now. If you want to get technical, it's not really a car but a crossover between an SUV and a minivan. It's a Ford Freestyle, which I loving call the blue mom-mobile. My Camry symbolized my teenage and college years. My Civic was the first car I bought. I felt so grown up. My Explorer was part of my I'm-making-a-bit-more-money-so-let-me-own-a-gas-guzzling-SUV-to-prove-it car. And my Focus was to rectify that mistake.

But my Freestyle is proof that I'm a big kid now. If I have to use the word "minivan" in a sentence to describe my mode of transportation, then you know I'm an entirely new league of drivers. My mom-mobile has a carseat...something I never could have imagined in anything I owned. It shows that I can be a working woman (the SUV part) while fulfilling my mom duties (the minivan half).

I never thought I be so proud driving a pseudo-minivan. But I am. I can take Amara to dance class and I fit in with the rest of the midwestern moms and their minivans. I shuttle the Girl Scouts around from field trip to field trip. And I can still drive to a work meeting and not be embarassed. You can have your hybrids and large SUVs and mini Coopers. I love my Freestyle!


  1. what's wrong with a ford focus...other than the constant jerking and stalling, the lack of acceleration and the shoddy design, it's practically a mercedes!


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