Starbucks stock

I'm gonna be needing more than a cuppa joe in the next few weeks. And it's not because of the holiday frenzy.

I have been "asked" by my boss (which translates to -- "Mom2Amara, you will do this") to work the overnight shift for 10 days.

Fantastic. I mean, who needs sleep when you have a 3 year old princess, a Brownie Girl Scout troop, a dear hubby who's getting ready for his first semester of teaching college courses, AND Christmas in less than a month?!

And mind I remind everyone what happened in early November the last time I was away from Amara for long periods of time thanks to my job -- she called me on my cell phone in hysterics because she missed me. So if I ship her off to her grandmother's so I can get some shut eye, I'd feel extremely guilty. But if I keep her with me during the day, I'd be a danger on the roads from the lack of sleep. And heaven knows I don't want to wreck my blue mom-mobile.

So dear hubby, if you're reading this, I'd love it if someone kind,
generous, and loving would
reload my Starbucks