three little words

Oh what a busy nine days it's been for mom2amara.

And all the chaos hasn't really been caused by Amara. But I learned a lot about myself the last week and a half. And sadly, it can all be summed up in three little cliche words.

1. Sweet. I love my coffee. But when I'm stressing, I've learned I love my coffee sweet. Caribou made a ton of moolah on me -- plopping down 5 bucks for each turtle mocha. Luckily for me, the barista started to recognize me and would have pity of mom2amara and give me two chocolate covered coffee beans instead of stiffing me and not giving me any.

2. Fat. Yeah, all that Caribou and Starbucks starts adding up. Not to mention the lack of working out. Oh, and the bags upon bags of Doritos I ate this week. I can only imagine how much weight I've gained. Ugh.

3. Phat. So what do I do when I'm stressed out and down in the dumps. Apparently, I spend money. It's the only thing that makes me feel in "control." Even though in reality, the spending is out of control. But I digress. Back to phat -- in order to be different, I tried for the longest to stay away from White House, Black Market since everyone and their mother wears black and white. But girl, lemme tell you, mom2amara is now styling. Fantastic quality, beautiful fit, and modern design that doesn't make mom2amara feel old and frumpy.

Now, summing up my past nine days in three little words is pathetic. But what's more pathetic is that while I write this, I realize that I have committed the gravest sin. I swore not to buy any new pants until I lost that 'last 10 pounds.' Yeah, I bought two new pairs. Which by law of nature means I spent $200 on nothing because God will will me to lose that weight now. What a vicious vicious life we live.

But this vicious life did lead me to this little number. And I love it.