trading turkey for Spam

I love this week's CHBM prompt! But where oh where to begin?!

The ladies ask

"What food(s) do you love that other people think you are crazy for eating?"
Being Filipino, the list could go on and on!

It could be as easy as saying Spam, the tinned Hormel meat that I can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on any given day. It's odd because it's widely made fun of here in the United States, but lemme tell you -- Filipinos love their Spam. We love it so much that the first Spam restaurant opened in the Philippines.

And if I'm going to have Spam and rice (a staple in any Filipino's diet), then I usually add a heaping serving full of patis. Easiest way to explain it is a really salty soy sauce. But if you ask Amara and my dear hubby, it's what smells up our kitchen at dinnertime.

Or the ultimate Asian in me could come out and admit I love diniguan. That's a Filipino blood stew. It's traditionally made up with some not so pretty pork parts, but if you looked at its recipe, you would never really know it.

I give in to Thanksgiving for my dear hubby's sake. It's his comfort food. But if you asked me, I'm content with the foods I grew up loving.


  1. We just had fried Spam and mac and cheese for dinner the other night for the first time ever. I bought it on a whim. The whole family loved it.
    Just wanted you to know that you are not alone in you Spam love.

  2. I think you've outdone me...but not on the Spam part. It *is* kinda made fun of here in the states, I guess, but my family and I have eaten it plenty of times. From what I understand, it was either a WWII or depression-era staple. I watched a doc on the history channel once about Spam. I remember it being pretty good...but I haven't had it in years.


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