another kind of Crown

We went out for Chinese tonight with my mom and dad, and the whole Asian food experience reminded my dear hubby about what Amara said last week at the Japanese restaurant we were at.

It was a hibachi place, and the hibachi chefs would use old ketchup bottles, old liquor bottles, whatever they could recycle so they would always have some water on hand at the tables.

Well after our chef oooh'd and ahhh'd us, our entire table, strangers included, quietly began to devour our dinners. The chef then started to clean the grill, pouring water on top of it. One bottle he used was a Crown Royal flask. None of us took particular notice, except of course Amara.

While I'm enjoying my sushi and chicken hibachi, I hear above the silence of the restaurant --
"Hey, I have those bottles at home!"
Oh no she didn't!

While the entire restaurant (and that's no exaggeration) sat laughing at Amara's apparently lush Mom2Amara and her equally boozer hubby, we tried hiding under the hibachi table to no avail.

So let this be a lesson to all parents! Drink in secrecy!


  1. Maya and Jax just call it booooooze! and have even been exposed to the Liquor store... where they have been known to say "that's a lot of booze dad". Maya also has her dad's favourite beer commercial memorized... what are we doing to our children?


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