bah humbug

So much for a nice Christmas picture.

Let's go over the conversation I had with Amara last night.

Amara: I want to sit on Santa's lap.
Mom2Amara: I know you do. Do you want to go tomorrow?
Amara: Yes, Mommy! Please let's go!

Fast forward to this morning while we're standing in line at the mall. And yes, at 11:20 a.m. there was already a line.

Mom2Amara: Amara, look who's over there.
Amara: Santa! Oh I can't wait to sit on Santa's lap. I'm going to tell him I want a Princess Genevieve that follows you. And the M&M machine. And I'm not a baby anymore. I'm a big girl so Mommy you stand there, and I'll go sit on Santa's lap.

Funny, take a look at the picture. Looks like Amara is 6 months old. Oh wait, she is still a baby in that picture. Could be because I haven't been able to get another picture with Santa ever since.

Amara was typical Amara and was getting testy because the baby in front of us had to have her picture taken a second time. So when the baby left Santa's lap, Amara jumped for joy. But that delight soon vanished. I can name the exact time it did. Amara was two feet from the jolly ol' big guy. He tried to get Amara to give him five, to hug him, anything but Amara plopped her butt down two feet away and hid under my Asian behind. Fantastic.

But what's the kicker? As we walked away, sans photo, Amara says, "Mommy, I want to sit on Santa's lap!"



  1. Oh that's priceless. Ethan already tried to eat Santa's beard, had a fit, then fell asleep. Atleast Amara looks happy ( even though it's the only pic you'll get of her with the Jolly Old Elf). Did she just get frustrated waiting or does she not like him in her personal space?

  2. Well, Jackson is 8 and Maya is 5 and they still haven't had a picture with Santa. They are both scare of the Jolly old guy. Santa and the Easter Bunny cause them to take the long way around the mall...they won't even go down that hallway!

  3. "i fweaked out."

    that girl is too funny.


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