could curiosity kill a mommy?

I've been thinking about this lately.

Is Amara really learning?

And I mean truly learning and not just memorizing and regurgitating facts and figures like I have done for so long. Seriously, I know I went through grade school and high school cramming for exams, memorizing facts long enough to get me through the test.

But as each day of preschool passes, I sit and ponder Amara's education. Are we teaching her enough?

For example, Amara has been singing Christmas carols. But I know she really doesn't know the meaning of the holiday. So can she honestly understand the basis behind the songs she croons? I think her knowledge of the tunes come from the plush Hallmark figurines her Grandma Peggy loves to inundate my home with and not from anything her teachers or I have taught.

I know, I'm overthinking all of it. And I'll probably think about this until the day I die. But how can I insure Amara is measuring up to her full potential? Do Rhodes Scholars learn the same way my 3 year old does? Will she eventually comprehend the information set before her or will she be like me, completely ignorant of soooo much, yet able to get by because of my conversational knowledge of regurgitated babble?