damn...Happy Christmas

In the words of my friend, Todd, Happy (NOT Merry) Christmas to all.

But damn, why am I awake already?

It's not because Amara woke up my parents who are at our house, me, or my dear hubby to open the 3000 gifts Santa left by the tree.

It's not because I had gotten a sufficient amount of sleep after coming home from my Aunt's house (a whole 'nother story) and into bed at 2:30 a.m.

And it's certainly not because I wanted to do that last load of laundry that's in the washer right now.

It's because of Lady, whimpering and crying to be let outside at 6:54 this morning. And my only gift to my dear hubby this morning would be getting out of bed so he wouldn't have to. Wheeee.

So here I sit, saying I wouldn't be on the blog until after Christmas.

But to everyone out there, I wish you a wonderful, peaceful holiday!! Take a look at some of the pics I posted to the right. They're from last night's celebration for my side of the family.