Girl, We're All On Diets

It's no secret -- I've gained a lot of weight since my family's vacation to the Jersey Shore.

But what came as a huge surprise was that not only do I have to lose weight, but so does Lady, our dog that we rescued from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

We took Lucida and Lady to the vet today and since joining our family one year ago, Lady has gained 15 pounds. She is now a "healthy" 81 pounds. Oooooh girl, that doctor was all but happy.

So it looks like Lady is now officially on a diet. I told her I'd be her diet buddy. So I have bought her reduced fat treats and told her we'd be taking daily walks together.

And now that I've treated myself to some great Under Armour gear, I'm going to try to work up to my three mile a day runs again. Maybe Lady will work up to those runs too...

Here's a picture of Lady Katrina taken a year ago.