giving tree

It's no secret - I want Amara to be a philanthropist.

And I don't think there's anything wrong with instill activism in her now.

So last month, I told Amara about my plans to buy toys for some less fortunate kids in our area. I explained that some children weren't lucky enough to have toys like she did. Amara seemed to whole-heartedly understand and even appeared excited to help out. Even my aunt proudly stood with me when Amara turned down a toy in our donation pile because that would be one less toy for a needy child.

(And yeah, nevermind the fact that when it was time to actually drop off the toys for donation, Amara told me "Aunt Pat already bought them gifts. They don't need these toys too," in an attempt to keep a Disney Princess game I had gotten)

Anyhoo, Amara's school has a giving tree in its lobby. On our way to school Monday, Amara asked me about it, and I tried to break down the concept to a level a preschooler would understand. And did she ever understand! Amara was sad to hear that some kids didn't have food (specifically, she was upset that they didn't have candy). And now Amara has asked if we could buy them M&M's to make them happy!

That's my little girl!

So if you see a spoiled little girl at Christmas, let this serve as a reminder that she can be a kind, generous little Asian!

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