holiday lights

I've decided I want to start more family traditions.

So I suggested to my dear hubby that we take Amara to see some holiday lights at the local park. Amara was so excited. She wouldn't stop talking, from the moment we stepped out of the car until after we were well on our way home.

Mom2Amara led the pack thru a hike along a park trail. (And you know I must be serious in my quest for family traditions because Asians do not do park trails...). We then took a break for popcorn and a M&M cookie (it was a unseasonably warm winter night so hot cocoa seemed out of the question). Then we hit the trails again. We ended the evening with a ride on a miniature train which Amara loved.

Looks like Mom2Amara scored big with this one!


  1. Looks like you had a better time han I did when we went to look at the lights. Again, I think it's a better idea to go when it's not freezing rain and your child is somewhat conscience.

  2. The only place I have been taking the kids is the mall and a movies... mall so I can get shopping done and movies so I can bribe them to go to the mall one more time!


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