holiday memories

Last week I couldn't believe Christmas was upon us.

Now I can't believe that it's over.

I realized three years ago when I became mom2amara that Christmas was no longer going to be all about me. Talk about a huge reality check. It slapped me right across the face.

But I was OK with it because even at her first Christmas, I knew Amara understood what was going on.

And this year, I realized my dear hubby and I were in trouble because Amara truly knows that Christmas is all about her. Call it our only child syndrome.

Every Christmas Eve we spend with my Filipino family. Now you haven't seriously celebrated Christmas unless you spend the holiday with Asians. You eat nonstop. And I mean nonstop. You're so full that your brain is led to believe you'd feel better if you just continue to gouge yourself silly. Then there's tons of gifts. So many gifts that when we started at 10:30 in the evening, we didn't finish up until after midnight. And those gifts were primarily children's gifts. So you can see why Amara believes it's all about her!

Amara's big "sister" Maya and her big "brother" Jackson helped her decorate gingerbread cookies. But funny, I don't remember her taking one bite of the goodies!

And Amara had the chance to meet her new cousin, Ethan. And while Ethan was barely awake for most of the holidays, I know that holidays from here on end will be tons of fun!

My dear hubby, Amara and I spent Christmas day with his family, but it never really compares to our Filipino Christmas. My family's holiday is more like a gigantic family gathering. It's not about the gifts or the food or the decorations. My family's Christmas is about playing games, poking fun (lots of fun) and reminiscing. We talk about the past and our hopes for the future. And Jackson, Maya, Amara and Ethan are a part of all these conversations. And hopefully our family will grow even more.

Because with all the holiday memories we have, there's always room for more.

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  1. I love christmas too! It was so much fun and I think that I even peed my pants a couple of time laughing so much.

  2. that was so well written, I almost teared up! and i'm not joking! christmas was awesome this year!!

  3. It's not my fault Ethan won't stay awake!!! I told you - it's not normal, he sleeps ALL the time! Anyway, thank you for all of the gifts for the little sleepy-head. We had a great time and can't wait for the next one!


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