how could she?

Mom held in 'abducted' son's death

GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) -- Alabama authorities say a woman made up a story about her five-year-old son being taken by a man who drove off in her car.

She and the owner of a house where the child's body was found are now under arrest, suspected in the death of the child.

Shalinda Glass of Rainbow City initially told police that her son was sleeping in the car when she stopped at a convenience store yesterday, and that a man stole her car.

Witnesses reported seeing a man get out of a pickup truck and drive away in the car, as someone else drove off in the pickup truck.

The boy's body and the car were found today.

A cause of death has not been determined.


  1. I read this too and in my heightened state... I welled up in tears!


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