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Posted by Picasa I called in sick today.

I took the day off for a number of reasons. It was snowing out and the roads weren't plowed. I went out with some friends last night and mom2amara drank a bit more than I should have on a Wednesday night. I'm working overnights all next week so I'm technically losing part of my weekend since I have to be at work at 11pm Sunday night. And honestly, I had Christmas stuff to do, like finish up our holiday cards and wrap some gifts that we had bought.

Anyhoo, I spent most of the day being lazy -- sitting on my keister. But I did do one half creative/productive thing today. I made gingerbread houses with the Girl Scouts. I took Amara to her first ever Girl Scout meeting, and Amara proved why 3 year olds should not be allowed at Girl Scout events.

But Lil' Miss Amara did manage to whine her way into making a gingerbread house of her own. That stinker...


  1. Tell Amara that I will bring another Gingerbread house and we can make a village at Na Pat's house... and we can even make lots of Ginger Bread Girls and Boys if she still wants to decorate!


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