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showing off

I love spoiling surprises

disco inferno

type A for Amara

Monday recap

bet Amara will know how to do this

how much do I love...

can I gain 10 pounds because of a glitch?

this is enough to depress any Weight Watcher

microwaving for your health

what fun is this?

why didn't I think of this?

pro-life at 13?

he lost 400 and I can't lose 10

role models

scaredy cat

making work work

I love the man!

confession deux

it's like a dream come true

yesterday's good and bad

Amara, you're killing me!

amazed, but confused

I have a confession

change is inevitable

great, I'll never be able to afford lipo

blogging chicks

awestruck x3


can’t we all just get along?

4 mysteries of motherhood

so you really want to know...

the great 2007 toy purge

what's wrong with a Buddha belly

ready for kickoff

who could blame her?

new year, new look

hug your children tight


your mouth's moving but I don't hear a word you're saying

Filipino Batman

what, no Target for a year?!

silly Democrats

Happy New Year?