amazed, but confused

The story of the two Missouri boys found safe after being abducted is truly a miracle.

But now that it's been a few days since they have been found, I have gone from confusion.

How can a boy torn apart from his family just sit and not run away from his captor?

Experts say he could have been brainwashed. Or maybe it was sheer fear. But whatever it was, it kept him from the people that loved him most for over four years.

I would hope that Amara would know that if she was ever kidnapped that she should run for help. She should look for a police officer, a cashier, anyone that would be able to reunite her with her family.

And sadly, I hope that I have instilled enough fear in my daughter that she'd be more afraid of being away from me than she would be of the SOB kidnapper. God forbid the SOB threatened to kill me or dear hubby if she ever ran away from him -- because I think Amara would know that she'd be "in trouble" for not trying to escape. And that she had nothing to fear because would castrate the bastard for touching her.

My thoughts are with those Missouri families. They've been thru so much already.