awestruck x3


I have always admired mothers who had multiples.

I remember one afternoon while I was watching an infant Amara and my infant goddaughter. I thought I was going to die. I wondered how my friends with twins and triplets made it through a day. I couldn't rock one and feed the other. How could they? That's always stuck out in my mind.

So have you seen this? ABC News did a look inside the womb. It's 3D images of triplets. Wanna know about sibling rivalry? For this family, it started in mom's belly. How about sibling friendship? Again, it started moments after conception.

I watched this story - awestruck. Life is truly amazing.
today's good: Sounds like Great-grandma2Amara is being released from the hospital today! Hooray!
today's bad: I think I lost weight. And while that should be a good, 1) I'm not supposed to weigh myself outside of meetings so I cheated. And 2) I don't think I lost as much as I would have like in the first two weeks. Guess we'll see Monday!


  1. We (Maya and I) have watched this some many time already... she is now really excited to see the baby!


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