can’t we all just get along?

When I became mom2Amara, I gained a beautiful addition to my family.

And I lost a lot of friendships.

I had gotten married before most of my friends. Which in turn meant I was having a child way before any of my girlfriends.

So I read all the articles that said you would have to work at keeping your friendships.

I told myself that it was all old wives' tales.

I was wrong.

And reading this article made me realize just how much of a reality it all is.

WTF? Why can’t single women, married women, women with children and women without children just all get along?

I have friends who either don't want to "bother" me or ask me to go places because I have a daughter now. So having a child means not having a life of my own? Does having a family mean that I can no longer crave adult companionship?

But at the same time, I have friends who do have children who only want to do playdates. I love Amara but I don't need that girl by my side 24/7!

Why can't a woman be a mother AND still keep her identity? I just don't get it.