change is inevitable

But if change is inevitable, then why the heck can't bite my tongue and control my temper?!?!

This week's CHBM prompt is "How I will be a better parent in '07."

I've talked before about my resolutions to take better care of myself. And thankfully, nearly two weeks into 2007, I have stopped eating my red meat (yes, I know there are people that disagree with this but I'm happy with my decision), added fruits and veggies to my daily diet, and exercised regularly. I feel so much better physically and mentally so I know I've been a better Mom2Amara already this year. I can chase Amara up and down the stairs and not get winded. And hopefully I'm setting a good example so Amara doesn't grow up thinking that the only meal she can eat is chicken nuggets and fries.

But now I want the virtue of patience. Why for the love of God can't I be patient with Amara?

We could be having a great Mom-and-Amara-day and then whammmy, she starts to get on my last nerve. I start to feel pulled in twenty directions and then I lash out on a poor 3 year old.

So I'm attempting to give myself a "timeout" anytime I start to feel a bit...annoyed.

I count to ten...and then hope that the urge to shake her silly has past.

And as a side note, I'm trying this out with other scenarios in my life -- you know the type: the idiotic boss, the teen that screws up your order in the McDonald's drive thru, and the Weight Watchers scale that says you haven't lost, but gained, a pound. We'll see if it works!


  1. Maybe you should try Tolerance rather than Patience, Nik.

    It works in life!

    "Lolo Buddy"

  2. I think we all get frustrated with our kids. I give myself timeouts, too.

  3. palI find myself in the same boat with my baby. I get down of myself for being frustrated with such an innocent little person. It is very hard but I'm trying my damndest and I know there will always be something to be frustrated about.

  4. My kids are teenagers, and I still need to try the time-out tack sometimes (for both me AND them).

    I think you've chosen a wonderful and doable goal for being a better parent in '07.


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