confession deux

My name is Mom2Amara and I'm addicted to podcasts.

I never thought that I would get any use out of my iPod. That's why it took me forever to even consider buying one. But ever one for peer pressure, my funky hot pink iPod nano was my early Christmas gift to myself.

And damn, have I gotten my money's worth.

I knew I'd use it for my workouts, but who knew how much was out there in the world of podcasting?!?!

I'm sure you've seen the short list of my fave podcasts. And I know I'll be adding more soon.

Do you have any podcast favorites? Let me know -- I want to hear it all!
today's good: Since I was Amara-less last night, dear hubby and I had date night. We had dinner at the neighborhood pub, hung out, then went to bed early! Ahhhh, the joys of overworked, highly stressed parents.
today's bad: Great-grandma2Amara had to get another blood transfusion this morning. And she's going to need surgery soon. I'll update everyone when I have more info.


  1. Some time ago, I subscribed to a running podcast. I enjoyed it but then DH 'borrowed' my ipod and I haven't been able to use it. I can't seem to find that podcast now. I'll keep looking. :)


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