disco inferno

Burn baby burn.

OMG I'm going out and buying Amara bellbottoms and platform shoes.

Have you heard about Baby Loves Disco?

I just watched a story on it this morning and I'm peeved to no end that there's not one in my area. It's the hottest nightclubs around the country, with the coolest dj's, serving it all up a la toddler style.

Dear Dad2Amara...are you reading? I think we're going to need to road trip to Chicago to take our darling daughter out for an afternoon on the town!
today's good: Seriously, it's been an uneventful day so far. So I think bringing disco into Amara's life has been one of its highlights!
today's bad: I slept thru my alarm, meaning I haven't worked out today. Which translates to -- I will never lose that extra 20 pounds I want to lose!! Waaaaaa


  1. I love disco... remember Donna Summer at Blossom! The best days were the disco days!


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