great, I'll never be able to afford lipo

I think I'm going to be poor forever.

So I have gotten up two days in row at 415 a.m. to workout. Impressed? I am! But you can imagine that there's absolutely nothing to watch on TV at that time on a Sunday morning.

So my new exercise companion is my handy dandy iPod. This morning's podcast of choice was Manic Mommies.

They were chit chatting about a recent article in Money Magazine that basically told the story of a family "scrapping" by on just $150K a year.

$150K a year?!?!

The article says it's not the little luxuries that keep a family from living paycheck to paycheck (i.e. my Starbucks runs, my vice of eating out all the time, my purse and shoe habits when I get down in the dumps). It's dear hubby's and my love of a new car every two years. It's paying for Amara's dance class. It's all the big ticket items we have to have.

Damn, guess there'll no plastic surgery in my future...
today's good:I went to bed early (just after 10 p.m. thank you very much). So I woke up refreshed. And that helped me get out of the bed, surprisingly enough, not begrudgingly but happy to be going to workout!
today's bad:It's Sunday and I'm at work. Yuck.


  1. i am similarly appalled by such a statistic. el Jefe' and i are both engineers. i make more than he does, but he has better benefits and holidays. i indulge in a Starbucks about once a month. we eat out twice a week. our cars are not new. we have a 15-year fixed rate mortgage because we were able to refinance when rates were really low. yet we are not rolling in the dough. we are getting by. and we are by no means keeping up with the Jones'. dance classes are not a big ticket item, nor should they be a luxury. and you're working on a Sunday :( it's just wrong.


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