Happy New Year?

The countdown is on.

Yes, I know that the New Year has already begun. But rather than looking at the next 12 months enthusiastically, many people, like myself, dread the New Year's resolutions.

I was told today that studies conclude that many people fail with their resolutions by February. February? Pathetic to say the least. Will I keep my resolutions past Groundhog Day?

But think about it -- I fall into the category of ultimately pathetic because here I sit, nowhere near where I was mid-2006. Sad. Plus, like my cousin, I think I have a bit of the post-holiday blahs because the euphoria of Christmas has passed.

So is this new year happy? Only time can tell. But I'll take it with the good...and the bad.

today's good: I actally weigh less than I thought I did a week ago...way less. And I went running for the first time in months.
today's bad: I'm scheduled at work for several 5-day work weeks. While I realize that's a harsh reality for most folks, I negotiated a 4-day work week so that I could spend more time being Mom2Amara and less time being an ambulance chaser.

So I now resolve to make 2007 a happy, healthy, fun filled one for me and Amara.


  1. Nice blog...I love your photos! And I must say stumbling upon a pic of Yul from Survivor made my evening. :) Happy new year...feel free to drop by my blog anytime!


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