he lost 400 and I can't lose 10


I just read the story about Manuel Uribe, the man who used to weigh 1,200 pounds. He has since gone on the Zone diet and lost 400 pounds.

While I realize that Uribe is still morbidly obese at 800 pounds, damn. I can't lose 10 freaking pounds and he's lost 400?!?!

Then there's Michael Hebranko, a New Yorker that weighs 1,100 pounds. He says he's "never full."

Wow, I think the same as a morbidly obese man.

OK so I'm bitter since I had a really bad Saturday with my points. I know I ate waaaaay more than I should have. And I weigh in today. So I'm already annoyed because I have to mentally prepare myself for an evil look at the scale.

But why can't I just just lose those 10 pounds?