I have a confession

My name is Mom2Amara. And I'm a germophobe.

Yes, I admit it. Sometimes, it's an awful obsession.

I hate when people sneeze or cough and don't cover their mouths.

And it's appalling to me when the "5 second rule" is enacted by parents and kids alike.

I am known to have disinfecting wipes on all levels of our house. And I have a stash in my work desk. And I tend to have some in my purse for those gross fast food tables.

It wasn't until I became a mom that I was truly obsessed with it.

So when the germ-obsessed like me are introduced to a website like ProMED...oh boy...all bets are off.

I feel like I'll have to consult this website first before deciding on a family trip anywhere with Amara!

Oh and stay away from the Phuket Grand Tropicana Hotel for awhile. Seems Legionnaires Disease has hit a bunch of tourists.


  1. Think we are related... but I do enact the 5 second rule. But I also own a bottle of Lysol Wipes in each major room of my house. And in a little pack in my purse. I just bought a $10.00 bottle of windex and now I have windex in everyroom of my house.


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