making work work

I think this is going to be me soon! Wheeee!

A new study challenges the "opt out" age of working moms. It's not that more moms are making the decision to leave the workplace. It's that moms just want it all - to work AND to enjoy motherhood!

Well yesterday, my boss has officially told me for the third time that he would like me working Monday thru Friday, five 8 hour days. I was adamantly against the decision the first two times it was mentioned.

The idea has grown on me.

Now, trust me when I say I don't believe my boss' intentions. I am sure this will bite me in the rear sooner or later. But for now, I'm going to enjoy the flex time.

The deal is this -- I have a specific job that needs to be done every morning. I will likely work from home on Monday and Thursday mornings so I can still drop Amara off at school. Then I'll head to work. I'll work normal hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. And then all day Friday I'll work from home.

I'm just praying that Amara will let me work from home.
today's good: Amara and I went to see Great-grandma2Amara. Even after being in the hospital for the majority of the new year, she's still in good spirits.
today's bad: My eye is still pink. Damn busted blood vessel. I like pink, but not this much pink.


  1. Love your blog. Thanx for visiting mine. Your little girl is adorable.

  2. I've thought of never working again so many times... but anticipating 3 kids totally makes me want to think about it seriously. At least in Canada I have a year with some $$$ to think about my life as a stay at home mom. MOVE TO CANADA!

  3. When you're good, like you are, they need to give you the opportunity for flex time. Heck, are they gonna find another "you"? Me thinks not! By the way, got your message, outta town this weekend (in Detroit). Mo-town! Talk to you soon! Hope that eye heals!


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