Thursday, January 25, 2007

microwaving for your health

I've admitted in the past - I am a germophobe. So I was very excited when I read you could microwave your kitchen sponges to disinfect them.

But then I got to thinking -- you know, a true germophobe like me wouldn't nuke the sponges. To really keep my kitchen clean, wouldn't I just throw out the nasty sponges? I mean, yeah, they say microwaving them would be effective, but to truly keep things sparkling fresh, wouldn't I just spend the extra two bucks and buy a new one?

Well my reasoning may be off, but now there's another reason why you shouldn't toss them in your appliances. And as Dad2Amara has pointed out, apparently they needed the disclaimer at the end of the article for those not-so-smart people...
today's good: Yeah, I'm still working on this one.
today's bad: It's snowing out, and I really hate driving in the snow. And I woke up late because Dad2Amara kept hitting snooze on the alarm. And Great-grandma2Amara is still in the hospital. Guess I'm just having one of those blah, stab-me-in-the-eye, kind of days.


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