pro-life at 13?

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a big proponent of Freedom of Speech.

But when a middle school student starts talking about aborted fetuses to my child, I'm taken aback and left speechless.

A school district in New York was faced with controversy when several students came to class wearing pro-life tshirts and passing out literature they had created at home. Their principal told the students they had to throw out the brochures and turn their clothes inside out. A federal judge recently ruled that the principal was out of line and, in the future, the students will be allowed to continue with their silent protest.

I can't say I disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether I think they're dumb or not.

But what if Amara was in this class? Would I like her to hear about abortion and dead fetuses for the first time from a peer?

Dear hubby thinks I expose Amara to too much at an early age. Yeah, she listens to music that's not entirely appropriate for a 3 year old. And sure she may wear trendy clothes. And Amara's been known to shake her booty on cue and call Godmother2Amara a "bi-otch!" But I think this shows Dad2Amara that by opening Amara up to all of this, hopefully she'll be able to discern her own opinions -- before her opinions succumb to peer pressure.


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