so you really want to know...

Leave it to Belle to think of a CHBM prompt that actually makes me think.

So 5 things you might not know about me...hmmmm...totally random and in no particular order...

  1. I was on Jenny Jones. And no, not just in the audience. I was actually on the show. And I professed my love to a man on national TV that isn't my dear hubby. So when I was in college in Chicago, I found out Adam and Dr. Drew of the Loveline Show were going to be on the talkshow. I was infatuated with (and I think sometimes I still am infatuated with) Dr. Drew. So you can imagine my disappointment when I called the show and they said they were sold out of tickets! But the nice lady on the other line informed me that if I was willing to ask an "audience" question, she could squeeze me and a friend in. Hell ya! So the big day arrives and the Jenny Jones crew escort me and my friend over to these plush sofas...all the way in front, just a stones throw away from you guessed it - Adam and Dr. Drew! So when they handed me the mic to ask my question, I of course had to profess my absolute love for Dr. Drew! Then of course I go into my question which had to do with porn and this guy I knew. And then of course my mom gets calls from family and friends from around the country asking if that was really me on TV...

  2. Dear hubby and I didn't plan on having kids. I was probably the least maternal person you would have ever met. And I really wanted to focus on my career. So it's a huge shock that Amara has encompassed my life as much as she does! I couldn't imagine not being Mom2Amara!

  3. I hate movies. More like I despise them. I can't stand going to movie theatres because I feel confined in my seat and restricted to absolute silence. And I have to really want to go see a flick because films themselves, to me, are just long and boring. I'd rather go to a coffeeshop and partake in a meaningful conversation than sit in utter silence at a theatre.

  4. I was named after my mom's first doll.

  5. I wear a size nine shoe. (I know, totally meaningless response, but after 4 things you may not know about me, I couldn't think of a good 5th!)


  1. lol - that is an excellent 15 minutes of fame!

    I hate going to movies too, unless it absolutely has to be seen on the big screen. Even rentals are few and far between - read the book!

    (via CHBM)

  2. A great 15 minutes, for sure! :)

    The closest I ever got to being on national tv was when I attended a taping of the Jay Leno show while in LA for a NASA teacher workshop.

    I didn't get to stand up and ask a question (or vice versa) but the one audience member they did talk with happened to be a guy I had worked with my first year of teaching. He didn't stay in the district (he moved back to the big city).

    I caught up with him after the taping and talked briefly. It is definately a small world. :)

  3. Love the list.

    I have to agree with you on your hatred of movies, and side with jenn on the book option (it's always better).

  4. Those are awesome!

    I am not very maternal, either. And even though I can not imagine life without my boys, I still feel like I am one of the least maternal people in the world. But I try hard with them!

    I missed the carnival, but do have an entry up. I linked to it in what is my current latest post (as of Thursday, 11:05 central), if you want to take a look at it.

  5. 1. i was on the Bozo show (it's a Chicago thing). if it's still on, parents have to order tickets before their child is conceived. certainly not as glamorous as Jenny Jones.
    2. Punkin was a complete surprise. i was 39, would NEVER hold other people's babies, and probably could count the number of diapers i'd changed on one hand. i hear ya!
    3. i crave going to a movie in a theater, not because i really love it, but because i can't have it. or, we choose not to have it because it would require getting a babysitter for Punkin.
    4. my sisters got to pick my middle name as consolation for ruining their terrific twosome. they named me after the neighbor's dog (fortunately NOT Spot, Fido, or Rover).
    5. i wear an eight. don't you just hate the cute little size sixes on display?


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