OK, so I wasn't really tagged.

I grabbed this meme from Greta. It's an alphabet meme, each question starting with the letters of the alphabet. And since I really don't have much to say right now, I'm game.

If I said yes, dear hubby would shoot me.
Best Friend?
Dear hubby, of course.
Cake or Pie?
Pie...pecan to be exact.
Drink Of Choice?
Mandarin and seven. But if we're talking non-alcoholic, bottled water.
Essential Item You Use Everyday?
Toss us between my round hair brush and my cell phone. I'm lost without either.
Favorite Color?
Gummy Bears Or Worms?
Neither. I hate those things.
Dining out. I love to go out to eat.
January Or February?
February. Means it's one month closer to my birthday.
Kids & Their Names?
One. Amara. Duh.
Life Is Incomplete Without?
True love.
Marriage Date?
2000 April 29.
Number Of Siblings?
Oranges Or Apples?
True phobia? I don't think I have one. But I really hate spiders and snakes.
Quote, Favorite?
Take a look at the right side of the blog.
Reason to Smile?
Watching Amara grow up. Although some days, trust me, there's little smiling to be done!
Autumn. I love the crisp air.
Tag Three People?
Maybe two, but not sure if they'll do it! Ninja Mom and Sunshine
Unknown fact about me?
I like country music.
Vegetable you don’t like?
Worst Habit?
I'm impatient so I interrupt. A lot.
X-rays You’ve Had?
Dental ones. I fractured my elbow. And I've pulled ligaments in my knee.
Your Favorite Food?
It's a toss up. Rice or french fries. Carbs no matter what.
Zodiac Sign?

And you thought you knew too much about me to begin with! What do you think now?!?! Ha!
today's good: Great-grandma2Amara is doing better.
She's still in the hospital but she looks and sounds better.

today's bad: I got up at the un-Godly hour of 4 a.m. on
Saturday to go to work on a weekend. I'm exhausted. I'm in a foul mood. And it's all because I get bullied at work to take on the crappy shifts that steal me away from time as Mom2Amara.